Sunday, July 06, 2008

Getting all painted out for a bit

Yes, it’s been a slow couple of weeks for my comics, but I have been productive.
Here are some more paintings! Alright!
The dog is driving my car (hmph). 2′x2′; acrylic and permanent marker on canvas.
Based on some childhood toys - I found the dog in the car in the garage of the playhouse;
guess I left it like that years ago.

ROM Puffins. 2′x4′; acrylic on wood. Awesome frame built by Mr. Keating.
Based on a drawing I did at the ROM last September.

The Cotton Club. 2′x2.5′; acrylic and permanent marker on canvas.


David Gale said...

These are fab! Love the colours.

Jennifer B. said...

Much appreciated, Dave. I'm always wary of my colour choices, they always seem weird, but I go on with it anyway.