Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Monday, May 22, 2006

Need something to do?

I don't think I posted about this site before: Learning to Love You More .
Go here for some inspiration -- there are simple project suggestions, like "draw the news" and "document your bald spot".

I rediscovered it this morning after checking out Miranda July's site; she's one of the creators of LTLYM. Her film, Me and You and Everyone We Know is the best thing I saw last year. Check it out.

The AGO wants your face

Here's a repeat:
(search In Your Face), deadline June 1st.

The AGO is trying to break a record for the most portraits and wants you to send in a postcard-sized image of your face for an exhibition. Why not? A postcard? That's nothing.

On a side note, looking at the recent New American Paintings catalogue at Chapters, many of the entries are small, 4"x6" drawings and paintings. What do you make of that?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Help Keating win a Mac

EDIT: You can vote until June 1st!

Take a quick look at the entries for the Pluginz.com Matte Painting Contest. It only takes a minute to register and give Keating's entry a good rating -- if you think it's worthy.

Just shut it

Maybe this is the same couple from the last print, only thirty years later. And they've moved to England. And they still hate each other.

Monday, May 01, 2006

600 words for 2000 pounds

The deadline has been extended to May 15th for the 2006 Commonwealth Short Story competition. That's right, it's a 2000 pound prize for a story of only 600 words! How long will it take you to crank out an entry for that, huh? Too good to pass up, if you ask me.

The Hobbit

I'm completely gay for Marc Bell. This drawing is from a series of collaborative drawings called "The Hobbit" that you can view here.