Friday, August 08, 2008

My New Album "Sex Lives of The Paralyzed"

It's been awhile for me to post anything here but I got this new thing out there; "Sex Lives of the Paralyzed" an album I've been workin' on for about a year on and off. It's most moody acoustic ballad material, it's a lot more sparse and non-confrontational then "The Pervert" my last effort under my own name. You can check out a few tracks on the myspace page if you're curious. I also tried out some video editing software for the first time (real shitty video editing software as it turns out) and made this video for one of the songs off of Sex Lives "Flower Printed Linen"

It's made with some shots I took from this years Lantern Festival on my friend's tiny digital camera. The Lantern Festival was really neat, I regret never having gone before. Anyway, the album is available at Fred's records and hopefully will be listed on their website soon. If you run into me somewhere I can probably sell it to you for cheap.