Sunday, June 15, 2008


bring bring
acrylic and permanent marker on canvas; 24"x30"

Yes! A new painting at last. A new series of childhood toys and such. Still messy and blind-contoury, yet neat and tidy looking. More to come... lots of junk in basement to inspire.


David Gale said...

Wow. Very cool!

Jennifer B. said...

YA! Thanks Dave!

Jennifer B. said...

I was at the opening yesterday, and I overhead two people talking about this painting.

The guy didn't like it; he said it was just a bunch of messed up numbers and nothing special. Then the girl said that she thought "bring bring" meant something.

"What?" he said, "it's the sound of the telephone ringing."

Then she went on to explain that it's about the overabundance of things in our culture, and how we're always saying, "bring me this, bring me that".

I thought that was pretty funny.