Sunday, February 03, 2008

Listening to comics while making comics

I've been making comics a lot lately, and the soundtrack to my comic-making has been a radio show out of B.C. called Inkstuds where they interview indie comics artists. Chris Ware, Seth, Chester Brown, Joe Matt, etc. etc. etc., plus a few people who don't make comics but are awesome like Ralph Steadman and Genesis P. Orridge. Check it out!


Jennifer B. said...

Heh. Is this comic because of the new Shreddies commercials, or is this a wild and wooly coincidence?

Another decent comics podcast, although I haven't listened to it too much is Indie Spinner Rack.

And: Around Comics

And another neat one that Scott just told me about, although not related to comics, is by the Daily Planet host, Jay Ingram:
Jay Ingram's Theatre of the Mind.
These are usually only 20 minutes or so.

And the Smodcast is usually entertaining, from Kevin Smith, if you can tolorate him:

David Gale said...

I haven't seen this shreddies commercial (no cable). Do they use the same gag??!

Wow, thanks for all the podcasts. I've pretty much run out of Inkstuds interviews. And no, I can't stand Kevin Smith!

David Gale said...

Ok I just googled Shreddies and the fuckers DID steal my gag somehow!


Jennifer B. said...

I just saw that commercial today, actually, and yesterday in town I saw two billboards with the box that just says NEW DIAMOND SHREDDIES. I thought it was hilarious. You should stick that comic back up!!

David Gale said...

Nah I'm too angry!

Ackshully, its still up on my blog, but with an explanatory preemtive blurb.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

I love Ralph Steadman, and Marlo Meekins, but my favorite in that extreme category is Gerald Scarfe.

Mainly because there's this theory that extreme styles like that can't be animated, and if you've seen PINK FLOYD THE WALL, you know Gerry delivers the reply to that in spades.

Also, something I like to listen to while sketching is either old Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy radio shows, or the near-never heard "I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again".

Nice comics, man!

- trevor.

David Gale said...

Thanks, Booo Tooons crew.