Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New prints

I made these screenprints on the weekend, big surprise with the subject matter, I know. I'd like to create a series of 8-10 prints or so, we'll see what happens. They're about 12"x9".


David Gale said...

Now do a painting of the print!

Jennifer B. said...

Yes yes, I think you're onto something. It could be very cyclical. That's a fancy word.

David Gale said...

Also "recursive." I was thinking today about an artist - also called jennifer - who makes paintings vaguely similar to yours - humorous, similar colours, speech balloons. I googled her but couldn't find any big pics. Anyhoo, her name's Jennifer Reeves, if you feel like googling a kindred spirit.

Jennifer B. said...
Is this her Dave?

jfizza - my gangsta alias

David Gale said...

Yah that's her- I can't find any of the paintings I remember though. They had weird "characters" in them and funny putdowns. One was called "we are all nerds" and another was "art dealer drinks too much, talksloudly" or something. They were a hoot.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

What's up ADA?

By your very name, I am associated, but new to Blogger.

We're a fledgling cartoon studio in Sarasota, and we can't figure out, for the life of us, how to divide the blog into team members the way you all do.

If you could tell me how to do that I would be very greatful.

Also, what method / inks / materials do you use to make your prints, they're awesome! I haven't worked with prints in a while, but seeing this last post has inspired me to take a trip to the art store this weekend and NOT buy the usual: pencils, charcoal, erasers, et al.


Trevor Thompson
Booo Tooons Ltd.

Jennifer B. said...

Hello Mr. Thompson!
Thanks for checking out our blog.

This link should help you figure out the team members thing:

As I recall, there's some way to invite individual members to contribute.

These particular prints are screen prints (aka serigraphs). I actually work at a t-shirt screenprinting studio, and am able to take advantage of the equipment there. These two prints are made with a water-based ink; on t-shirts we use an ink that is basically like plastic. If you're unfamiliar with the process, there's a great explanation with pictures here:

So glad I could provide some inspiration, if only a teeny tiny bit.