Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Decorations

This year I got it in my head to build a window display. It's pretty simple, a landscape made from cardboard along with a few set-pieces made from carved and painted styrofoam. The big 'attraction' is a floating ghostly skull which hovers between the archway in the front. It's done using 'Peppers ghost', an old stagecraft illusion which is used heavily by David Hoffas. I projected a simple animation on a sheet in the background using a fresnel lens and a tv. Here's a terrible picture of it at night. You can sort of see the skull there.
And some details:

The Archway with a little snippet of the TV which helps create the Peppers Ghost illusion.

Anyone else do any fun decorating this year?


Jennifer B. said...

Be sure to drop over and see this thing if you can, it's so awesome! Especially with the lightning!!

David Gale said...

Shiiit man. That's awesome.