Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Grant Writing Tips

Barb Hunt had a grant writing talk on the weekend and my friend Ya-Ling went and today she gave me the notes. There's some good stuff in there, so I scanned them in and here they are. There are also notes about organizing group shows... On that note, the deadline for Canada Council Grants is December 1st. Apparantly, you have to have three juried shows.
Link to Assistance for Visual Artists (Project Grants)

To meet the above definition of a professional visual artist, you must have:
*produced an independent body of work
*made at least three public presentations of work in a professional context over a three year period (this means juried exhibitions)
*maintained an independent professional practice for at least three years

There ya go!! Get to it now, and apply for city and provincial grants too! If this stuff below is too hard to read, lemme know and I'll mail you a hard copy.

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Jennifer B. said...

Anybody know how to make PDF files?