Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Keep Kool

I'm told I wanted to be a fireman as a child, so I guess I couldn't resist.


matthew said...

I love that the "Okay" and "I can handle this" panels have hinges! That's really inventive and playful. Lovely drawings of your dad, too.

How many of these have you made altogether now?

Jennifer B. said...

Thanks Matthew. HAHA, I'm only just noticing the pun now that you've mentioned it. And I'll admit I'm no stranger to the pun world. I watched some old Muppet Show episodes the other day, and TWO of 'em had asparagus-hollandaise sauce puns!

I've got about 13 finished like this in colour, all the ones I've posted so far, I think. I've also got a few that I started on 24 Hour Comic Day last year that I'd like to go back and re-do, eventually (13 in the 24 hours, note to try harder next time). They're just pencils now. I'm gonna keep going for now :)

matthew said...

Actually I hadn't noticed the "handle" pun until now. I just thought the hinges were great! That's hilarious. Definitely keep going with it!