Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Backseat Story

I don't actually have a name for this one yet, but I printed it yesterday. It's a relief print, but instead of linoleum I used this new stuff called sintra (or something similar), which is used for signs, apparantly. And it's super cheap. She's about 6" x 9" (the last one was about 5.5" x 7"). I'm pretty happy with this one too. Gonna keep going with this film still series; I've realised that the expressions on the faces always change from the original image, which is inevitable for me due to the nature of the process. It was frustrating at first, but now I enjoy the unpridictable-ness of it. Plus, I just kinda think the bold, flat style is kinda cool.
Oh, this one was from Notorious; I still don't know where the last one came from, tsk tsk.
Also, I should have a new comic up later in the week :)


Omar Badrin said...

Hi Jen,
Nice work. I'm interested in hearing more about the material you used. I also enjoyed the previous image you posted as well. I really enjoy the quiet tension that they both seem to display.

Jennifer B. said...

Hey Omar,
I actually got this stuff from Shirley; she's doing a residency now at St. Mike's and she got this stuff in NS or NB. She said it was used for signs, and she only paid $20 for a 4'x8' piece. I haven't looked for it around here yet, but I plan on calling some sign shops.

I just Googled Sintra:


It seems to be some type of foam board. Anyway, its surface is harder than regular foam core, and it feels very similar to lino when cutting. And it's kind of foamy on the inside, of course. I'd say the piece I had was in the 6mm range. I felt that it printed the same as lino, so I'm definately gonna get some more if I can.

Anyway, thanks for your lovely comments, they're good for motivation :) Hope to see some of your work soon.

Omar Badrin said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks for the info. Seems like really interesting material.

Keep working, it's looking great! You're further developing your artistic voice which personally I'm finding tough right now. Keep going!!!

And if you get a chance say hello to Shirley for me.

matthew said...

What a great idea for a series of prints. Keep going with it!

I love that kind of bold black-and-white work, too. Only for me it's become an Illustrator thing. I should try lino again sometime; I enjoyed it at SWGC.