Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Art Bank!

The deadline for submissions to the Canada Council Art Bank Purchase Program
is October 15th! Visit the website!
From the site:
Please keep the following points in mind when deciding which work to submit:
One (1) work per artist (if more than one work is submitted, the entire submission will not be accepted); work must be current (within last 5 years); and the artist must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada

The work must be suitable for public display in an office environment

The amount available for this program is $350,000

Artist, artist’s gallery, and/or artist’s representative may submit (submissions of work by deceased artists will not be accepted)

Slide or digital image is acceptable. Multiple slides will be accepted if required to best present the work. Note that slides offer the best quality of reproduction of the work to the jury (please refer to: The Guidelines for Submitting Digital Images for the Art Bank Purchase Program in MSWord or Adobe Acrobat format)

Work will be juried in November 2007
Results will be mailed in December 2007
If work submitted is sold, alternate work will not be accepted

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Anonymous said...

nice! I just might! thanks for the reminder!!