Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A couple paintings

Been a long while since a post! Shockin'.
Here are my latest paintings. The plan is to do some more over the summer.

Blind Contour Chair, acrylic and permanent marker on canvas, 2'x3'
I did this one for the latest show at the Leyton gallery.

Blind Contour #43, acrylic and permanent marker on canvas, 2'x2'

And this one for the Arts and Letters.


David Gale said...

These are fantastic. Did you draw the blind contour right on the canvas, or was it copied from another drawing?

I really like the colours.

Jennifer B. said...

Thanks a lot!
The chair was a drawing that I projected onto canvas. The portrait was drawn directly on canvas, then photographed and printed out and projected onto another canvas, just to make things complicated. I like to mix it up.