Monday, April 16, 2007

S'more prints

Blind Contour #51 (Hey)
I've already editioned this one, a simple lino-cut. It's actually a dark burgandy colour.

This is a proof of a woodcut/screenprint. The flat orange is the screenprinted part. I made a few changes to the block before I printed some on blue and green backgrounds on Saturday. I think I may print some of the block on white paper in black and/or grey ink also. I kind of just made this one up as I went along, which was weird. The little comic strip folks at the bottom were an addition I made at the end. I think I like it...

P.S. check out my comics here if you have a minute:


David Gale said...

These prints are great. I agree that the little dudes are a good addition.

Jennifer B. said...

Thanks Dave, I may try doing some more things like this. Maybe a reduction print next time, I had some problems with registration here(didn't really plan ahead, haha).