Friday, February 02, 2007

Still Frame Copy

Lookin' for some photo-refs to practice with and hit on the idea of freeze-framing some DVD's to get some nicely lit faces, etc. Anyway, here's my first go. Viggo Mortensen from Fellowship of the Rings. It's not bad, but I think I lost something around the eyes.


Jennifer B. said...

You nerd, haha.
Just kidding.
That's a lot easier than VHS grabs from the TV, let me tell you!
Nice job, can't believe you haven't thought of that sooner.
I can loan you some Katharine Hepburn DVDs if you like!

Anonymous said...

Scotty! Is that paint or photoshop? I can't tell anymore?! Looks good!
- OB

Keating said...

Pfft. There's nothing nerdy about unshaven men fighting orcs.

Omar: That's a photoshop sketch. :)

Anonymous said...

As brother Tucker would say "That's nucking futs!"... I thought it was an acrylic painting! Technology has taken over, the oracle was right.
...I agree Orcs are nothing to fuck with....