Friday, February 23, 2007

Be good to your back!

Thought I would post these tips from the interweb:

Chiropractic Tips for Shoveling Snow:
Winter is here and snow removal is a major problem for many people. The following tips are offered for shoveling driveways and walks:

-Stretch your back, neck, arms and legs with a brief warm-up.
-Use a shovel appropriate in length and weight to your height and strength.
-Bend from the knees while lifting and keep the spine as straight as possible.
-Push the snow when it is practical, as opposed to lifting and throwing it.
-Deposit the snow close to where you are shoveling, to avoid heaving it across a wide area.

-Shovel at too rapid a pace. Work at a pace fitting to your age and strength.
-Lift snow with your back. Bending and twisting the spine are common causes of disc and ligament damage. Do use your arms and body to deposit snow in one smooth motion.
-Shovel with your feet planted firmly in one spot. Allow your legs and thighs to help your upper body and arms deposit the snow to the side.
-Lift large amounts of snow in one scoop of the shovel. To avoid back strain, shovel light to moderate amounts of snow per load.
-Overwork yourself. If you are huffing and puffing, stop immediately and rest.

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