Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Arts and Letters and Provincial Art Procurement

The 2007 deadline for Arts and Letters is coming up - February 16th. And I hear the prizes in the visual arts (senior) category have been bumped up to $1000 each.
Visit www.gov.nl.ca/artsandletters for the application form and details.

And here's a reminder -- the deadline for the Provincial Art Procurement is quickly approaching: January 7th, 2007 (feels weird to write a new year, doesn't it?).
Visit www.therooms.ca/artgallery/appnl_2006.asp for the details and jazz.

Good luck to everybody, these are a couple of great opportunities for you to jump on in the new year (if you're living in the province).


Melissa said...

Jennifer, I didn't realise that you won in last year's A&L competition! Did you mention it? I don't remember. Anyway, congrats to you!

Jennifer B. said...

Oh thanks a lot Melissa :)