Thursday, August 03, 2006

A TADA show at the RCA

Hey Everyone,

I'd like to propose we apply for a group show at the RCA, and I'm willing to do all the leg work and curate. If we collectively come up with a theme or specific proposal, I'll put together a package for us all.
If you're on board, post your ideas here, and just let me know if you think it's worthwhile.
Of course, I encourage everyone to apply individually as well!
Deadline is September 15th.


Patrick Thomas Canning said...

sounds fine to me. I'm not much of one for themes or theme shows but I can usually figure out ways of explaining my work to fit in within a given theme, so I'll work with anything you guys come up with.

Anonymous said...

Can I sneak in on that?

Anonymous said...

Can I sneak in on that? (One more time with who it is)

Pat Kennedy

Jennifer B. said...

Of course Pat... hopefully we'll find out if enough people are interested this week so you can send something (or I'll pick something up for you)...

I guess I didn't really mean a THEME, like POETRY or something, but it would be good to tie our work together somehow.

matthew said...

I am late to the gate but this sounds wonderful. If ye'll have me, I dare say I could come up with something. Off to NSCAD I am!