Thursday, June 08, 2006

accidental snaps

Hey everybody, well I finally joined the previous century and bought myself a computer. So now I can actually participate in things like this blog on occassion. Here are a couple of motion light source pictures I did the other night, but unfortunitely (for the most part) they were accidentally double exposed over some other photos I took on the same role (I must have grabbed the wrong roll from the fridge). Most of the images I was looking forward to seeing were ruined except for a couple which turned out kinda interesting, and also Sobey's didn't charge me anything for the film developing or the cd made of the images. So it's not all bad.


Jennifer B. said...

Hey Pat, glad to see you're gonna be posting more. Enjoy the new technology.

These particular photos seem way more colourful than your other motion light source pictures I've seen... I guess that's not what you were going for, according to your explanation. But they're really interesting. They remind me of ET, especially the bottom one, haha. Anyhoo, keep 'er going.

liz said...

Yay Pat, finally with a computer! I like the bottom one. The attack of the 50 foot bowling ball. Cool

Patrick Thomas Canning said...

whats my sister doing invading the tada blog?, no manners, tsk tsk.