Monday, March 13, 2006

S'gonna be a long one, Marty.


Jennifer B. said...

Nice bird's eye view with this one, Dave.

Have you seen this thing?:
The Super Mario Bros. Synthesizer

David Gale said...

Hmm, the end of the url there seems to be cut off.

Hey Matthew, if yer around, could you give us all a brief tutorial on how to write something as a link?

Jennifer B. said...

Here's my second attempt at the HTML:


Here's what to type:

Name of Link

Jennifer B. said...

Sorry, I'll try typing that again (don't put in the spaces):

< a h r e f=

"your URL"

>Name of link<
/a >

David Gale said...

Thanks. Man I love those sounds.

Missy said...

That Super Mario Synthesizer is sweet.