Thursday, March 02, 2006



David Gale said...

You might think you can get away with this stuff, but karma is gonna come back and get you and your criminal friends, mark my word!

Really interesting colour job this time, with the transparencies 'n' the activation of the gutter space with that bright red.

Missy said...

Ha-haaaa-HAAAAA!!!! I love it.

I like what you're doing with the colour here too. Interesting choice of bright and complimentary colours.

Jennifer B. said...

Thanks guys. I was just thinking how hideous the red looks here on my screen :)
I did want to try something a bit different though. I'll keep trying!

matthew said...

I don't think the colour here is as effective as in your past comics (it's more distracting than anything), but it's a really great story. :)