Monday, February 06, 2006



David Gale said...

Before I posted the first strip, I typed the dialogue on top of the hand-written dialogue that was there originally. I was under the impression that my writing was illegible. I've since been informed that it is not illegible, so I've posted this one up hand-written. Can I ask y'alls to tell me honestly whether you stumbled or had to squint to make out some words? Are these better typed?


Jennifer B. said...

Hehehe Dave. I like the characters just there on a stark background. So frank.
I honestly had no trouble reading your writing. I personally like hand-written text in comics, it has more personality (to use a cliche). I do it myself 'cause I'm too lazy to use the compy.


Missy said...

I like the hand lettering, Dave. This is much clearer than your writing normally is, like say, your signature on anything.

I think that this was my favourite comic panel.

All I have to say is "voosakm"!