Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cube eye for the round guy


Jennifer B. said...

Dear David,

Ever consider getting some webspace and publishing these gems? I have to say, they're far better than most of the webcomics I've been reading lately, no bones about it. Plus, they just look so good.

Your #? fan,
Jennifer B.

fuextevr (sounds a bit pervy)

Missy said...

I'm a huge fan of this one, for obvious reasons (carpets that hide unsightly beetles? C'mon). I agree with Jen on this one too. You should definitely get these out into the world.

How about that compilation comic idea that you mentioned a few times? We have Jennifers comics too. We could work on publishing a TADA comic zine, or something. Could be a good project.

Jennifer B. said...

I'm all for a collaboration -- it never really worked out the last time, but I'd love to have another go if folks are interested.

David Gale said...

Thanks for the encourageing words, Jennifer and Missy.

Yah I think it would be rad if we put out some kind of printed comix anthology. Anybody else interested?