Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Still In Progress

Alrighty, here she is after about four sessions. As you can see, I'm keeping it rather flat (this won't be much of a surprise to some of you). I don't think it will change dramatically now before it's finished, but who knows. Still gotta get those spots on there. I'll post the final painting (hopefully later next week). Any comments before then are welcome, as always.

Don't forget about the Arts & Letters and Provincial Procurement deadlines at the end of the week!


Anonymous said...

it's looking great!! A lot of my paintings become like flattened areas of colour too... it's almost like collaging bits of coloured paper together. Very striking, I find.

if I ever get a username, it'll be silverwing (or silverwing24 if that's taken)

see you round!

Dave Sheppard said...

I'm curious why you chose oil for this painting? It seems it could have been completed much easier and quicker in acrylic.

Jennifer B. said...

No good reason, I just really wanted to work in oil, since it's been so long. Plus, I like the way oil 'feels' while painting with it. You're right about acrylic being much quicker, of course.