Saturday, December 03, 2005

these are a couple of photos I did recently while trying to come up with album cover ideas for my upcoming album "Red Flags & Cold Milk". I got the literal and more thematic approaches on the go here, I might combine them the next time I get around a computer with adobe on it. what do you think?.


Jennifer B. said...

Pat, I like this weird playing-with-light-photo-style you've got on the go here. It's different and unpredictable (that's why I love/hate printmaking). I've gotta say I enjoy the mask-ish look in the first photo, but the presence of the flag and milk is too literal. Hence, I like the bottom photo more. Ever consider doing a series of these types of photos for a show or something? I'm thinking LARGE scale, of course.

Dave Sheppard said...

Hey Pat. Very nice indeed. You should definately be doing more of these. I like the bottom one more too, but if there was a particular reason for the flag and milk title -not just for the sake of an obscure title like much of your work- maybe I would think different.

Patrick Thomas Canning said...

hey dave
it would take awhile to explain the significance of the title, but there is significance to it that is pretty apparent when you look at the lyric sheet of the album. as to jen's question, a show would be nice but there is no colour darkroom in st john's that I know of that I could rent out and print large format images. but maybe I'm just ignorant of them.