Monday, December 05, 2005


This was drawn from a photo Missy took at a wrap party back at

This was drawn from some magazine or another. The head growin' out of a head thing just happened.


Dave Sheppard said...

Is the top one Jay Roberts? Nice work.

matthew said...

Nice! Are you colouring these digitally? Whatever it is, it works really well.

David Gale said...

Thanks guys. Yah that's Jay Roberts and yah I've been colouring these things in Photoshop.

Jennifer B. said...

When was Sarah Jessica Parker at the Backlot? I miss everything.
These drawings with PS colours are working well for you Dave, keep it up!
I heard about an animation festival in Stephenville on the radio today, are you involved with it in any way?

David Gale said...

Thanks. Yah the festival was a college thing, so I was involved a little. Most of the work was done by the second year students, as the festival is part of a course they do. I might look into getting the next one webcast (webcasted?).

Patrick Thomas Canning said...

heads' n' heads', its all good.