Friday, December 23, 2005

My New Painting

Finally got around to finishing a painting. It took me a while to get an image in mind that I actually wanted to see to fruition. Not quite sure I'm finished yet, I feel like I want to add something else, another element. EDIT: I've taken the picture down for the moment just because Corey mentioned that I might not be able to enter it in the Arts and Letters competition if it's been shown publically. Once I get a response from the co-ordinator I'll put it back up :)


Jennifer B. said...

This image is very unsettling, not only because of the guy in the gas mask, but because of the composition and the colour scheme that feels 'off' to me. I think it works. And that circle helps that dude pop right out. Do some more now.

jpohl said...

Well i'm glad I had a chance to see it first.. but i think those rules were in place before blogs were invented. I don't think it probably counts technically. I think they mean in a gallery on a real world wall. It's what I have assumed in the case of other competitions. You could phone and ask, but I don't know if I'd open the door to them making a bad decision. Blogs should be able to show work in process, be informal and spontaneous. I don't like to see restrictions put on them.

Best of luck with it. It is a strong piece from what I remember.

btw It would be nice to have more information on each of the TADA! artists.. not that it makes a difference, but I don't even know if Keating is a man or a woman. It may be a bias, but I'm always happy to see strong work coming from another woman painter. Regardless, I hope to see more in the future.

all the best, jp.