Monday, November 07, 2005

Xmas Trading Cards

Hey guys, how's about we try a little xmas card/mini art trade this year? I'm thinking we can post our addresses and either do a secret santa-type deal, or just do up small cards for whomever you please (a la Valentine's day). If you want to give it a go, post your ideas! If you're lucky, you might find a gem like this in your mailbox next month...


Jennifer B. said...

Count me in!
Jennifer Barrett
11 Christopher St.
Paradise, NL
A1L 1W9

Missy said...

Great idea! Here's my address:

Melissa (Missy) Martin
29 Georgia Dr.
Stephenville, NL
A2N 3A1

P.S. This is also Dave's address.

David Gale said...

Count me in too.