Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In case you forgot what I look like:

I found this Flickr set on Drawn! : The Eye:Hand Coordination Project. They want you to submit a photo of yourself, plus a drawing re-creating that photo. Giv'r a try. I'm not quite sure what I've done to myself there, haha. Nice to try a self-portrait though, it's been a while.


Missy said...

Cool project idea! I like your expression in the photo, and how you selectively coloured your drawing.

You're always up to something, Jennifer! You inspire me to go do some art.

Paul Tucker said...

Coolness. I like your drawing a lot bombs. I 've been seeing various links to this flickr thing across the blogosphere. I should stop drawing comics long enough to do one.

Jennifer B. said...

Thanks guys! I'm gonna try a little collage self-P today -- I'll post it when it's finished.