Sunday, November 20, 2005


check this new drawing.

maybe I went too far with this one, but I guess the whole point of it was too see how far I could go with it. this image loses something when shrunk down. I'm pretty happy with it though.


Jennifer B. said...

That's different for you Pat, looks a bit tree-trunky. Is there some shading going on in there? What did you draw with?

David Gale said...

How big is this thing?

Paul Tucker said...

pretty cool pat.
Is this a digital pic?
I really love that little black thing towards the center.
You should make up some desktop sized jpegs of your work.

Patrick Thomas Canning said...

its a drawing about 20" x 30". pen and ink, all concentric lines. it took awhile as I am not actually obsessive complusive, I just like to pretend.