Monday, July 31, 2006

Molly and Girl

As some of you already know, I illustrated a children's book several years ago with my friend, Heather Boone (Tales From Tamarack: The Puffin Cove Adventure). Now Heather is at it again, but this time the subject matter and style is totally different. Instead of Newfoundland's best-dressed woodland creatures, I will be drawing super-simplified "boy" and "girl" (who remain nameless in the story) and their pets, Molly the cat and Pepper the dog. These are some early attempts at the girl and Molly.

The story is about two children who imagine that their bedroom is outerspace and go on a winner-takes-all starship race against their pets (the winner takes the rights to sleep in the bunk beds, while the losers get the floor - guess who wins!). It is aimed at pretty young children, and the writting is a simply-worded poem. I want to make the illustrations simple and fun, with bright colours.

Of course, I found it way easier to produce simple versions of the girl and cat, while the boy and dog remain harder to pin down. Hmmm. Why is that?

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Patrick Thomas Canning said...

you hate men? and dogs? whats wrong with you?