Tuesday, April 11, 2006

still life - page 1

Did I mention I love comics. I wrote a 5 page story one week ago and here I am with the first page or minute if you will of my noir offering. First pages can go 2 ways with me. They are either over-laboured, stiff, and ultimatley redone later or they are spontaneous, experimental, and usually completed late at night. The latter was the case with this page. I wanted so badly to see what the final page was going to look like that I was working quickly and not thinking too much. I kept things loose from the intial sketch to the Photoshoppery at the end. Anyways I'm pretty happy with it for now. Hopefully I can carry over the enthusiasm to the next page.
As always im open for suggestions!


David Gale said...

Dang! This looks super. Love the sepia palette with the big bold hearty chunks of black and white.

What the hell is noir anyways? Everyone's always talking about it and I have no idea what it is. Is David Lynch noir? Or is noir only like hard-boiled detective movies from the 40's?

Jennifer B. said...

I love it too, Paul, it has a real cinematic feel and the monochromatic palette just looks so nice. I especially like the classic glance back in the bottom panel so far. Stuff was so classy back in the day!

I'd say all that qualifies as Noir, Dave. I think anything that's kinda dark and seedy that usually involves a murder or mystery of some kind. What does everybody else think?

Paul Tucker said...

Thanks for the support on the page guys...
As for noir... I think of guys in suits, dames, lots of shadows and the 50's

Keating said...

Awesome,tucker. I think this page really shines. It's even better than the project you've been showing me from that other writer.

As for noir, some people will argue that it's a style of french film in black and white only, which features no heroes. Which is to say, all the characters are dirty, and generally the protagonist dies or is mentally/sexually destroyed by the end.

Generally, it's basically 'dark' stuff, usually done with lots of shadows ( The first noir directors were germans, coming out of expressionist theatre/film ). Also, they weren't give the "A" movie sets, so they used lots and lots of shadows to cover up the super-cheap "B" movie sets they were provided. It eventually became the style. Usually, all the characters are of fairly low moral standards with bleak outlooks on the world. There are almost always 'sad' endings.

I've said too much! Hah :) Sorry. Noir is a favorite topic :)

Jennifer B. said...

Paul, my only suggestion now is to get this sucker done so we can read it :D