Thursday, April 06, 2006

still life - character designs

Thought of you bombs as I worked on these character sketches for a 5 page comic I wrote while waiting in (enormous) lines at Disney Sea.


David Gale said...


I wanna bring back that intentional looking kinda hair, brille cream and all. So fuggin' sick of todays hairstyles.

How did you do these?

Jennifer B. said...

Ha Paul, I'm loving these!
What's this story idea, anyhow?
These kinds of portraits seem different for you, but the style is undeniably yours. The sepia is a nice touch. I see the guy as a cross between Sinatra and Don Knotts, hehe.
I'd love to see more :)

Paul Tucker said...

yeah i've been experimenting with these. I did a messy blue pencil sketch first. Took it to the lightbox. Traced out the shapes with a mechanical pencil (gasp). Then I copied that with a liner, and a "manga" pen I bought here.. just a basic fountain pen. I did the large black shapes with a sharpie, and scanned it. Laid down a texture as a softlight layer in PS. Underneath that I laid a gradient base and did some airbrushing.

The story idea is pretty noir with a horrorific twist at the end. I had some pics of Clark Gable on my screen as I was working on his design .. Ingrid Berman for May I believe...