Friday, October 21, 2005

"run" page 1

Hot of the presses, page 1 of another 23 saints yarn by Jumpin' Jason Arthur.


Jennifer B. said...

Paul, I'm digging that up-the-nose view in the bottom panel. Very dark -- did you start with a black page and draw with white lines?

Missy said...

Awsome. Looks great, Paul. So, you're doing some of the artwork for another author's comic series? That's cool. Have you been doing much work like that lately? Fill us in on the details.

Paul Tucker said...

Thanks gang. Bombs - Can't say I drew this white on black. It was blue pencil, hb, 2b, ink, then greytones in Photoshop. I dropped some big black solids in PS also.

Ole Missy Martin nice of you to drop by!
Yeah I'm just working on some scripts by a fellow boarder. I draw like a madman as always. Still havn't been paid for it though! Working semi-analog these days. I've posted a few process comments on my terminus site (which I keep semi-updated)